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Money for starving Africans or convicted Palestinian terrorists?

I have reported many times on the scandal of Britain's funding of the Palestinian Authority going to pay salaries of convicted terrorists. Finally, some of the main stream media is waking up to the story - as you can see from this report in today's Daily Express.

Cash for terrorist salaries from the Foreign Aid budget is by no means the only scandal relating to British payments to the 'Palestinian cause'. Millions more per year goes to NGOs based in Israel and the PA which are dedicated solely to the deligitimization of Israel. The idiots at the Foreign Office claim these payments will ultimately support a 'two-state solution', whereas these organisations actually do nothing other than incite hatred and violence.

And of course there is also the millions from hard-working Brits paid every year to charities like Oxfam, Christian and Comic Relief which ends up directly funding Palestinian Jew-hatred.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Charles meets IRA leader but won't visit Israel

Prince Charles has upset some people today by meeting IRA leader Gerry Adams, although nobody ever bats an eyelid when he - and the Queen - visit terrorist-sponsoring corrupt Arab regimes, which they do all the time.

Charles did make one visit to Israel in 1995 to 'represent the Queen' at the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin. It is the ONLY 'official' visit ever made by a member of the British Royal Family (his father Prince Philip visited his mother's grave in Jerusalem in 1994 but the Royal Family and the British Government made clear that this was only in a 'private capacity').  The anti-semitic Arab arse-licking goons who have dominated the British Foreign Office for years have never allowed the Queen to visit Israel in case it 'upsets our Arab friends'. But Prince Charles's aides went further than that in 2007 when they ruled out any official visit declaring:
"Acceptance would make it hard to avoid the many ways in which Israel would want HRH [Prince Charles] to help burnish its international image."
If David Cameron is even half the 'friend' of Israel that he and some of his naive Jewish supporters think then he should demand that the Queen finally accepts Israel's long-standing invitation to visit their country.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

In shock move Vatican recognizes Islamic State of Luton*

Pope Francis greets Luton Leader Anjem Choudary after Vatican formally recognises Islamic State of Luton today
The Vatican has quickly followed its recognition of the terrorist State of Palestine today by also formally recognising the Islamic State of Luton. In an historic meeting in Rome today with the moderate leader of Luton, the Emir Anjem Choudary, Pope Francis said:
The illegal occupation of Islamic Luton by the imperialist British government continues to be a barrier to world peace. The aspirations of the Muslims of Luton to have their own independent Sharia State - as Emir Choudary has heroically campaigned for years - can no longer be denied.  
By recognising the Islamic State of Luton today the Vatican also brings pressure to bear on the Britsh Government to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to these long down-trodden Muslim people.
Anjum Choudary, in a surprisingly sensitive and conciliatory speech asserted:
The new Islamic State of Luton demands that the rest of Britain must now submit to Sharia law. No non-Muslim will be harmed providing they convert to Islam. We also demand that the Vatican renounce Catholicism and submit to the Sharia.
President Obama supported the move saying "I have always maintained that no peace in Britain is possible until there is a 2-state solution - a 100% Muslim State of Luton and a 65% non-Muslim State for the rest of Britain. Moroever, the world's 180 million Muslim refugees who originate from just outside Luton must be allowed to return to their ancient homeland (i.e. the rest of Britain).

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu also welcomed the move but said "I believe that Britain has a right to exist, but Israeli support for Britain's right to exist could not be guaranteed if the illegal occupation of Luton continued"

*Satire, but no more silly than the genuine news from the Vatican.

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Simple questions relating to the Middle East that are never asked

I have sent this to a couple of news outlets.
  • Why are Western countries expected to take in unlimited Muslim "refugees" while far wealthier (and under-populated) Muslim countries like Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Bahrein, etc never are despite them sharing the same religion, language and culture as the "refugees"?
  • Why is it a cause for celebration when Americans, Brits or Arabs kill Islamic terrorists, but a 'war crime' when Israel does it?
  • Why is the only country in the Middle East that is not an apartheid state (Israel) the only one that is accused of being an apartheid state?
  • How is it that the people who call Israel an 'apartheid' state also generally insist that every single Jew must leave 'Palestinian territory'?
  • Why are antisemitic activists who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel always called "Pro-Palestinians" rather than what they really are?
  • Can you identify a single pro-Palestinian activity (as opposed to anti-Israel activity) that has ever been carried out by any Western "pro-Palestinian" activist?
  • Why are anti-Zionist organisations like Yachad, J-Street and the New Israel Fund still referred to as being 'pro-Israel'. 
  • Why are bigoted, brainwashed Westerners who go to "Palestine" to throw rocks at Israelis called "peace activists"?
  • Why are scorecards of 'civilians killed' mandatory for conflicts involving Israel (as in "2000 Palestinians killed, only 10 Israelis"), but never used in any other conflict in the world (did you ever see the number of dead British or US civilians mentioned when those countries mount attacks against Arab countries)?
  • Over 140 countries in the United Nations were either created, or achieved independence, after 1945. Why is it that only one - Israel - has its legitimacy questioned?
  • Why do people who routinely reject Israel's claim to its own capital city Jerusalem never question Britain's claim to the Falkland Islands (a mere 13,000 miles away)?
  • (To all British politicians) Why do you insist that Muslim colonisation of British cities is a great success for multi-culturalism, whereas allowing Jews to live in their own capital city Jerusalem is an obstacle to peace?
  • Why does Iran need 'peaceful nuclear energy' when it has the second largest reserves of oil and gas in the world (enough to meet its own population's energy demands for over a million years)?
  • Why is Turkey still occupying Northern Cyprus?
  • (To all politicians) If - as you insist -  Islamist terrorists who declare that they are killing in the name of Allah are not Muslims, then what religion are they?
  • (To all politicians) If - as you insist - Islam is a "Religion of Peace" then why do you you also tell cartoonists they must not draw Mohamed as it will incite Muslims to kill them?
  • (To David Cameron and every single LibDem and Labour politician)  If, as you always say, every penny reduction to the Foreign Aid budget will lead to more African children starving to death, how do you justify the £20 million of the budget every year being paid to the Palestine Authority as salaries for convicted terrorists?
  • If  poverty and discrimination are reasons youngsters in the West turn to terrorism,  how come only Muslims (and never Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, non-Muslim Africans, non-Muslim blacks, Charedi Jews, gypsies and indeed every other poor, minority group) have actually become terrorists?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The dangers of criticising Islam

Ed Miliband got plenty of things wrong in his election campaign but he got unfairly singled out for his plan to "outlaw Islamaphobia" under a Labour Government. In fact  Miliband was simply following a commitment  made two months earlier by the Conservative Party.

Moreover, the criminalisation of 'Islamaphobia' (including 'displaying posters critical of Islam' and 'tearing pages from a Koran') had already been put into practice many times by the last Conservative-led government, as can be seen from the examples here and here.

Of course in the USA criticising Islam could never by criminalised because of the First Amendement. And that is why the American (and world-wide) response to the Jihad attack against Pamela Geller's "Draw Muhamed" event was so appalling (basically Geller - and not the Jihadists - got the blame).

Mark Steyn has a fantastic article "Stay Quiet and You'll BeOkay" on the attacks on Geller but I was prompted from what he wrote to do this piece because even Steyn made the mistake of assuming that Milliband and the Labour Party were somehow unique in the UK in their intent to criminalise "Islamaphobia". Not only was this official Conservative and LibDem policy before Labour announced it but it is also supported by the SNP, the Greens and the Welsh Nationalists. In other words everyone (except UKIP). 

Incidentally I reproduce below an appeal I received from Pamela Geller. I don't normally do this sort of thing but this woman is one of the bravest people in the world and (as proven by the small number in the West who have challenged sharia law publicly) her life is in imminent danger. The Obama administration has made it clear they will do nothing to protect her (I suspect they will be rather relieved if she is murdered) and she needs money for security.


Appeal from Pamela Geller

Look. I am sure you have heard about what happened in Garland, Texas. Two jihadists wanted to replicate and ramp up what happened in Paris, by murdering scores of patriotic Americans who were standing in defense of free speech. They were met with an utterly authentic response. The media has been waging jihad against the defenders of freedom, primarily me, but that's only a device they are using to destroy anyone who speaks against the sharia and jihad. In the wake of our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest, ISIS issued a death threat against me. They called me khanzaar -- pig -- which is the word Muhammad used of his victims before he slaughtered Jews. They threatened to murder also anyone associated with me, anyone who defends me, and anyone who supports our work
In other words, they've declared war against America.

The media, on the other hand, is aligned with the jihad force. They're cheering and agitating for my demise -- some news outlets have even asked me for my posthumous remarks. They have been viciously attacking me and Robert Spencer, blaming us for the attack on us.
They are not going to win. We are not going to let them win. If we had a responsible media, it would report on the positive developments in light of this terrorist attack: the jihadists were killed. By drawing them out, we exposed their network, without getting anyone killed. The FBI is now going after sources. They are gleaning intel from their computers as we speak. We smoked out a terror structure. The FBI has put more American terror suspects under constant surveillance following the deadly attack. Every city across the U.S. has "subjects of concern" under heightened scrutiny, and the military is taking the threat seriously enough to raise the threat level to Bravo -- the highest level since 9/11. The terror network that hit us has now expanded to include roots in Minneapolis.
People say we "provoked" the jihadis. But it has since come out that they were already looking for targets to hit. If they hadn't hit us, they would have hit a much less protected target, as did the jihadist Amedy Coulibaly in the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris, and the jihadist Man Haron Monis in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney, Australia. The jihadis in Garland weren't provoked by us -- they are already provoked. Our event just smoked them out. If we had not had such extensive security, many more people would have died -- either at our event or somewhere else. Instead, the only dead were two jihadis, and a jihad network is exposed.
All that from one little art exhibit.
With just one small, relatively obscure presentation, America has been made aware that the threat is here. America has been made aware of the virulence of the war on free speech. Obama cannot ignore and excuse terrorism that is committed in the name of Islam, and we exposed the quislings and apologists for jihad terror among the political, cultural and media elites.
This has come with an enormous cost.
We are now marked. Marked for life. And we need to take extraordinary measures to protect ourselves, and above all, our work for freedom. This involves costs that are so far beyond astronomical, they take our breath away.

Yet this is not negotiable. The NYPD and our own security team have told us in no uncertain terms that specific measures must be taken.

We cannot rely on the Obama administration. The FBI has not even bothered to contact us. Clearly, if we held positions the administration favored, we would be under guard sent by the government right now. But we do not.

That means that it's on us. And that means you, because we cannot do it without you. If you support our work, if you support the stand we have taken, we need your help now more than we ever did before. This is going to require a small army. And not just for the next month, but for the foreseeable future.

This is not just about protecting some people from being attacked and killed. This is about taking a stand and showing the world that violence, murder and threats will not win.
We need your help now more than ever. Now is the time. This is a gamechanger. This is a new era. Few have realized just how different everything is after Garland: now Americans will have to watch their back every time they do anything that Muslim fanatics think "offends Islam."
Strike a blow against that. Strike a blow for freedom. Every dime will be used for security -- nothing else. Send your tax-deductible donation via Paypal to -- go here. Or send to:
1040 1st Ave. #121
New York, NY 10022

Pam Geller
Cartoon from

Friday, May 08, 2015

The variety of policies that were offered by UK political parties

I was going to post this before the election yesterday, but given the euphoria expressed by so many Conservative supporters I think it is just as important now to note the 'differences' in a range of key policy beliefs:

This also goes some way to explain how much of the socialist narrative has become institutionalised and hence why the entire media and political class try so desperately to deligitimize UKIP.  While there are still a small number of genuine 'conservatives' in the Conservative party, anybody who still thinks that David Cameron is a conservative in any meaningful sense of the word should note that it is because of him that most of the ticks in their column above are there. And for those who have managed to delude themselves into thinking he is a strong supporter of Israel, please remember it is Cameron who made the anti-Israel bigot Baroness Warsi such a key member of his team and it was Cameron who established his 'pro-Muslim' credentials by bragging:
 ‘Unlike a lot of politicians from Britain who visit Israel, when I went I did stand in occupied East Jerusalem and actually referred to it as ‘occupied East Jerusalem,’ he says. ‘The Foreign Office bod who was with me said most ministers don’t dare say [that].’
Some have highlighted the fact that the Labour Party had promised to criminalise criticism of Islam (by making it a hate crime) as a reason to be thankful they did not get in. But it was the Conservatives who promised exactly such a new law several weeks before Milliband did.

Of course there are many things to be happy about in the election results (notably the removal of anti-Israel bi gots George Galloway, David Ward, and many other LibDems, as well as Labour's Michael Connarty). The defeat of Simon Hughes is especially gratifying since he is a more influential anti-Israel bigot than the others. But there are new MPs who are equally vicious bigots (check out Rupa Huq the new Labour MP for Ealing Central). And we now have 56 members from the SNP party - that is the party which banned all Israeli books from libraries in one of the councils under its control.

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Death threat from ISIS

Following on from the ISIS terrorist attack in Texas on the free speech event organised by Pamela Geller (celebrating cartoons of Mohamed), ISIS has issued a statement. They say that Geller - and all those who support her - are now 'legitimate targets for slaughter'.

Since I consider myself to be a long-term supporter of Geller (I believe she is one of the bravest women in the world in her dedicated stand against Islamic terrorism - for which she has received nothing but abuse by the main stream media) that presumably also makes me a legitimate target for death from ISIS. And since the media has deemed that Geller (and free speech) - rather than the terrorists - are to blame for the terrorist attacks then the media is now not only covering up the threat of Islamic terrorism, but appears to be supporting its aims. Daniel Greenfield has an especially good analysis.
Cartoon of Spencer and Geller I produced following the government decision to ban them from the UK
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Which British Political Party is the most anti-semitic?

Update: The range of views offered by British political parties

In response to claims before the European elections in 2014 that Jewish voters must not vote for UKIP since it was 'antisemitic' I produced a summary of the extent to which antisemitism is rampant in all the main stream parties (and note that I consider anti-Zionism as an example of antisemitism) awarding a number of Arafats (rather than stars) to each (where in the spirit of Debbie Schlussel, 5 Arafats is the worse possible). Here is an update of that summary. (Further Update: UK Pro-jihad Muslim group boasts: “negotiating with Tory & Labour leadership”and note that Baroness Warsi is part of the gig).

The Labour Party
"due to pressure that had been placed on the courts by .. Jewish friends who own newspapers and TV channels". He added: "My case became more critical because I went to Gaza to support Palestinians", something that these Jews "opposed".
Over a third of its MPs in Parliament (i.e. with real power unlike UKIP) are committed to the total destruction of Israel and actively push for a total boycott of Israel to achieve this aim. These MPs include the likes of:
  • Paul Flynn who accused Britain's first Jewish ambassador to Israel of having 'divided loyalties'; 
  • Martin Linton,  who spoke about the "long tentacles of Israel" reaching into British politics; 
  • Gerald Kaufman who stated that "Just as Lord Ashcroft owns most of the Conservative Party, right-wing Jewish millionaires own the rest," and said "Here we are, the Jews again" when pro-Israel MP Louise Ellman rose to speak in the Commons;
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan, and Andy Slaughter (the latter who even holds the position of Shadow Justice Minister) who not only campaign obsessively for the destruction of Israel, but have a long history of support for Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists, and they have all shared platforms with members of terrorist organisations, and notorious anti-Semitic, homophobic Islamists.
  • Former Foreign Minister Jack Straw who claimed that "Unlimited Jewish funds control US policy, and block Mideast peace" while also demanding respect and sympathy for the aspirations of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Shabana Mahmood who in 2014 led a fanatical mob of anti-Israel demonstrators who forced the closure of a Sainsbury's store in Birmingham for selling Israeli produce.
  • John Prescott who in 2014 compared Israel to Nazi Germany.
The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The Labour Party has hundreds of elected local councillors and thousands of grass-root members whose antisemitism is channelled into their obsessive hatred of Israel and their belief in an international Zionist conspiracy.

The Conservative Party
The ambivalent, and at times openly hostile attitude of the Cameron government to Israel has been extensively catalogued on this blog (where I have argued it is the most anti-Israel government since Ted Heath - another conservative antisemite - was PM in 1973). This includes:
  • Taking the lead in the EU initiative to boycott Israeli goods from the "occupied territories"
  • Selling arms to just about every despotic Arab state yet maintaining an arms embargo against Israel.
  • Taking the unprecedented steps of expelling Israeli diplomats from the UK 'in retaliation' for the death of a Hamas terrorist in Dubai that was never proved to have any Israeli involvement. 
  • Threatening to break off all diplomatic relations with Israel because Israel had the audacity to issue planning permits for building new homes in its capital city.
  • Taking the lead in condemning Israel for defending itself against terrorist attacks. Cameron also voiced the most bitter and irrational condemnation of any world leader after the Gaza Turkish flotilla fiasco.
  • Taking the lead in vicious condemnation of Israel for daring to build anywhere in its 'settlements'
  • The appointment of William Hague - the most anti-Israel Foreign Secretary in living memory; a man seemingly obsessed with Israeli 'aggression' and 'settlements', since he was rarely heard to speak about anything else.
  • Massively increased funding for the 'Palestinians' which has been proven to have been widely used to directly fund terrorism and antisemitic incitement; requests to investigate this funding have been continually ignored (the standard response I have received from politicians is that withdrawing this funding will lead to increased terrorism!)
  • Britain taking the lead in the EU in 'lawfare' against Israelis and Israeli owned businesses. Leading Israeli politicians (including even Tzippi Livni) and military leaders continue to be stopped from entering the country for fear of arrest under the 'Universal Jurisdiction' law that has been applied only to Israelis on trumped up charges by the antisemites of the Palestine Solidarity Committee. Cameron promised he would stop this happening but, despite claims that the law has been changed, it has failed to make any difference
  • A number of trials in which the defendants who have admitted to physical attacks and destruction of Israeli owned businesses have been found not guilty and even been praised by judges for their heroic activism. (Update: see amie's comment below about the Government having no power over judges, but note that not a single Conservative MP has publicly expressed any condemnation of this and indeed there have now been numerous cases where violent 'anti-Israel' demonstrators have been let off on the basis of being merely 'political protesters').
  • The introduction of policing policies which enabled anti-Israel 'demonstrators' in 2010, 2012 and 2014 to run riot in the streets of London attacking what they believed were Jewish owned businesses as well as Jewish counter demonstrators without fear of arrest (in fact the policy was instead to focus police manpower on confining the smaller numbers of peaceful pro-Israel demonstrators); 
  • The introduction of policing policies which enable anti-Israel 'demonstrators' to violently disrupt every public event (without fear of arrest or prosecution) in which an Israeli appears
  • An environment of such increased hostility to Israel in all walks of life that the campaign to boycott and deligitimize Israel and to equate Israel with apartheid are more firmly in the main stream than any other country in Europe.
  • The appointment of the anti-Israel Muslim supremacist Baroness Warsi to multiple positions of authority, which has resulted in many negative ramifications for Britain's Jewish community.
  • The banning from the UK of American bloggers for being 'too pro-Israel' and hence 'likely to antagonise Muslims'. At the same time antisemitic Muslim hate preachers are allowed in all the time.
  • The introduction of laws on 'hate speech' that have been primarily used to silence the voices of those who highlight the dangers of Islamic terrorism. In April 2015 they even promised that 'Islamaphobic attacks' (the bulk of which appear to be comments and articles on the web complaining about Islamic terrorists) will become a specific 'hate crime' under new legislation if they are re-elected.
  • The refusal to replace - or even reprimand - the openly Hamas supporting Consul-General in Jerusalem Alastair McPhail (Britain's highest ranking official in the Middle East).
Remember also that Cameron - before he was elected - actually tried to establish his 'pro-Muslim' credentials by bragging:
 ‘Unlike a lot of politicians from Britain who visit Israel, when I went I did stand in occupied East Jerusalem and actually referred to it as ‘occupied East Jerusalem,’ he says. ‘The Foreign Office bod who was with me said most ministers don’t dare say [that].’
And to prove that he meant it one of his first appointments in Office was Simon Fraser as the new head of the Foreign Office. Fraser had been sacked from his job in the last Conservative Government under John Major for cohabiting with an official of the PLO (which at the time was still officially designated as a terrorist organisation). 

There are many current and former members of the Conservative party in parliament and the House of Lords who share the same obsessive 'Zionist conspiracy', anti-Israel world views of their Labour colleagues. In addition to Baroness Warsi, these include people like David Mellor who has a long record of antisemitism cloaked in 'anti-Israel' rhetoric and who recently described Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich as an 'Israel-obsessed Russian' and Chris Patten the anti-Israel campaigner who also happens to be the Chairman of the anti-Israel BBC.  There are also many good old-fashioned antisemite Conservative MPs like Patrick Mercer who was caught on camera describing a female Israeli soldier as a “bloody Jew” in 2013. And there are MPs like Aidan Burley who hosted a Nazi-themed stag party (although as one commenter points below out he is not an antisemite). And then we have the openly antisemitic Islamist Conservative politicians like Gulzabeen Afsal, a Tory council candidate in Derby who wrote in Arabic (about Ed Miliband): “Nah bro! never ever will I drop that low and support the al yahud [Arabic for Jew] lol.” 

The LibDem Party
While Labour's Ken Livingstone may be the most well-know main stream antisemitic politician, he is not the most antisemitic. That honour goes to Baroness Jenny Tonge who is so committed to the belief in a world-wide Zionist conspiracy that she is convinced that Israel steals the organs of disaster victims all around the world. She also famously expressed a desire to murder Israeli civilians as a suicide bomber. Yet Tonge is very popular in the LibDem party because her world view is shared by others MPs and most of the Party's grass-roots activists. She is not even the most senior LibDem to demand the destruction of the State of Israel since that is the wish and policy of none other than the Deputy Leader Simon Hughes, and there are few MPs more viciously antisemitic than David Ward, who equates Israel with the Nazis and who tweets about the power of the Jewish Board of Deputies. Not surprising therefore that the LibDems officially promote the campaign to boycott Israel.


The Green Party

While the Green Party attracts support from harmless (but brainless) environmentalists, there is no longer any dispute that antisemitic anti-Zionism is one of the core defining features of Green Party politicians in the UK. Comprehensive evidence of this can be found in this report. The Green Party is represented in Parliament by the MP and fanatical Israel-hater Caroline Lucas. She is not only one of the most active campaigners of the "Israeli apartheid" lie, but she has blamed Israel for most of the world’s problems, including bizarrely the Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008 in which Pakistani Muslims massacred nearly 200 people including the Chabad Rabbi and his wife. Not content with the Party's official and total boycott of Israel, Lucas also supports violent action against Israeli interests in the UK
A former member of the Green Party has explained in detail the extent to which the Party is  institutionally anti-Semitic. Lucas is certainly not alone. The Greens deputy leader since 2014 is Shahrar Ali who, as can be seen from the report here, is an anti-Israel fanatic and Islamist. The Green Party is closely aligned with the antisemitic Palestine Solidarity Campaign and some of its leading activists (like the insane Deborah Fink) are now standing as Green Party candidates. The Green Party is also increasingly aligned with the antisemitic socialist-Muslim party Respect (see below) - during the 2010 General Election the Green Party stood down in favour of Respect candidates in Birmingham Sparkbrook and Manchester, Blackley and Broughton.

The Party (led by George Galloway) whose only three objectives are sharia law, socialism, and the destruction of Israel. Galloway's evangelical hatred of Israel is legendary, but he has plenty of competition in the Respect Party for the honour of being the most antisemitic. Yvonne Ridley (Respect's parliamentary candidate in the 2012 Rotherham by-election) said that "any Zionists in the Respect Party ... would be hunted down and kicked out. We have no time for Zionists." Many others in Respect have been less careful in saying "Zionist" when they meant "Jew".  Abul Hussain, a former member of Respect's national council, posted antisemitic comments on Facebook about "chopping off a Jewish person's sidelocks and confiscating their kippah". He also wrote about Jews, "Here's a penny go put it in the bank and [you] just might get a pound after ten years interest!".  Following her appointment as Respect's women's officer in Bradford in October 2012, it emerged that Naz Khan had recently commented on Facebook that "history teachers in our school" were and are "the first to start brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler. What have the Jews done good in this world??” Carole Swords, the chairwoman of the Respect Party in Tower Hamlets, was convicted for a public order offence after an assault on a Jewish man in 2011. Inside a Covent Garden Tesco Metro supermarket she had struck him in the face while he was protecting Israeli goods from unlawful damage (a subsequent appeal cleared her of the offence). At one rally she described Zionists as "cockroachs ... bugs [which] need to be stomped out" and at a different rally, Swords had told a Jewish protester to "go back to Russia"


SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party)
This party's attitude to Israel is even worse than the Greens. Its leader Nicola Sturgeon is a fanatical Israel hater who has been happy to share speaking platforms not just with Hamas members and supporters but also with open antisemites. To give a feel for its policies, in 2011 the SNP-led West Dunbartonshire Council banned all Israeli books from its libraries.


Welsh Nationalists  (Plaid Cymru)
All you need to know is that their leader is Leanne Wood who is actually a member and activist in the antisemitic Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


In 2014 after every major media outlet in the country spent months trawling through the background and social media activity of every one of the thousands of candidates and also tens of thousands of supporters of UKIP the 'antisemite' they managed to come up with was  Anna-Marie Crampton, a candidate in East Sussex, who apparently posted a blog article claiming that Zionists conspired with the Nazis to kill Jews in the Holocaust  (a viewpoint, incidentally, that is widely shared by leftists including some of the MPs cited above who continually equate Zionism with Nazism; it was also  the main claim of PA President Mohammed Abbas's doctoral thesis).  In fact, if you criticise someone on the left as being antisemitic for making the Zionist-Nazi collaboration claim you will be told that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with antisemitism. In fact, she told the party her account had been hacked and she was not responsible for the posts. Nevertheless, she was suspended from the party pending an investigation. If only the other main stream parties would take the same approach to their genuine and proud antisemites.
My owns views of UKIP, based on attending a meeting with Nigel Farage, are described here.


So there you have it....

Monday, April 06, 2015

UK media continue to ignore the elephants in the room

The massacre of nearly 150 Christian students in Kenya, who were separated from Muslim students  by their Muslim attackers before being slaughtered, was presented in British media headlines as a story of unspecified Africans militants killings unspecified African victims. Any media outlet presenting the story in any kind of detail, however, was unable to avoid the fact that this was a terrorist attack by Muslims targeting non-Muslims, so they had to be especially creative to ensure that Muslims were still seen in a positive light or even as victims (update: see Telegraph report below).

Typical of such a report was that by Lisa Holland on Sky News, which started with scenes of female students in hijabs comforting survivors. Holland then stated that the area that was targeted was one of the poorest parts of Kenya whose population was almost exclusively Muslim, without any explanation as to why so many Christian students were there and why they alone were singled out. She went on to explain that the 'militants' came from Somalia (even though survivors had already said that most were Kenyan Muslims and one was actually the son of a Kenyan government official) and that they were simply protesting the presence of Kenyan troops in Somalia. She ended with the obligatory reference to the poor local Muslims fearing a 'backlash'.

With the Kenyan massacre coming at the same time as numerous other stories of British Muslims joining (or attempting to join) ISIS, there was no shortage of discussion about terrorism on the TV and radio.  The notion that Muslims were again the real victims because of the potential 'backlash' was also propagated by the usual talking heads on these chat shows. The commentators on these shows also stated without exception the standard diatribe that the attackers not only had nothing to do with Islam but were actually anti-Islamic. This was inevitably followed up by talk of Western imperialism and support for Israel against the Palestinians as being 'root causes' of Muslim anger. And there were the absolutely obligatory statements about 'right wing extremism' being as great a threat as Islamic terrorism.

Just in case people do not understand that Muslims must always be classified as the real victims of Islamic terrorism, the Conservatives have promised that 'Islamaphobic attacks' (the bulk of which appear to be comments and articles on the web complaining about Islamic terrorists) will become a specific 'hate crime' under new legislation if they are re-elected. I can therefore look forward, no doubt, to being charged with such a hate crime for this posting if Cameron is re-elected.

Update: Compare the way even 'conservative' UK newspapers like the Telegraph reported the Kenya massacre with the reality below.

Muslim woman centre stage among victims. No mention of Muslim killers and Christian victims

Compare with photo of some of the murdered Christians. This appeared in an Indian newspaper but was curiously missing from all UK coverage, presumably because it neither shows Muslims in a positive light or as victims. Had there been a hijabed victim it would have been shown in every UK media outlet.