Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Expansionist Israel?

Following on from my post yesterday about the Art exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery and the infamous maps showing 'Israel's expansionist occupation' I decided that the best way to counter these maps is to show the following alternatives (I could not find anything like the first on the web so I developed it myself - the second is a a variant of maps that do exist out there). The first demonstrates, in contrast to the Arab propagandists, the extent to which Israel is shrinking - as well as the extent to which Israel will go for peace (click to enlarge):

The next shows Israel in context with its Muslim neighbours:

When I have time I also plan to do one that shows the uprooting of Jews from Arab lands.

I plan to get some of these printed to hand out at the Serpentine Gallery.


ram said...

this is just one incredible ridiculous map showing the time israel had taken land from egypt and syria. also the jordan area wasn't considered palestine. i am pretty sure you know about this, so don't try to spread this, it's doesn't help either side.

Edgar Davidson said...


You said "don't try to spread this". Is that a threat? You obviously don't like to see the truth.

eufemia said...
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Anonymous said...

Seems just a diff of opinion. Otherwise, Jihad is just a self defense in today's time.

Anonymous said...

No, ram is right about the 'shrinking Israel' maps just portraying the return of land taken from its neighbors over time. Remember the 'land for peace' attempts? Exchanging the Sinai in hopes of a lasting peace with Egypt with a gradual withdraw to the previous international boundary? This was not land Israel had under its jurisdiction at the time of its creation during the 1948 partition or after the first Arab-Israeli war.

Anonymous said...

oh my. this is incredibly incorrect. hence, why it could not be spread even if someone attempted to.

Anonymous said...

And the land that Israel captured and then returned was after being threatened by its neighbours - land captured while at war.

How many other countries in history have given land back that they captured during war?

This is all a guise by those who have some sort of chip on their shoulders - let's call it some sort of inferiority complex.

Get on with your lives - clearly a bunch of losers with nothing better to worry about.

Unknown said...

This is brilliant. You should also try a version with ancient Israel (c. 1200 BC). Would you be open to having your map proposed as an ad on TransLink in BC?
Joel Shapiro

Unknown said...

This is brilliant. Try adding a map of ancient Israel c. 1200 BC. Would you be open to having your map incorporated into a response ad for TransLink BC?

Edgar Davidson said...

>Would you be open to having your map incorporated into a response ad for TransLink BC?

I would be happy for it to be used.

Anonymous said...

There are misconceptions implied by some of the comments. Israel was not created by a U.N. partition plan. Egypt and Jordan had no right to the areas they seized in their war to annihilate Israel, and when under their control they did not setup a state for Palestinian Arabs.
With the fall of the Ottoman Empire, after WWI, the victors of the War decided that a state for the Jewish people will be re-established in the area that is now from the Mediterranean Sea to and including all of Jordan. They set the responsibility for overseeing the area in the interim to England. Then the area East of the Jordan River was removed from the mandate and given to the Arabs. After WWII, England handed this responsibility over to the UN. After the UN's vote, independence was finally declared. The partition plan for Jewish & Arab states by the U.N. would only have been binding if agrees upon by the Jews and the Arabs -That did not happen.

Anonymous said...

too simplistic- read "1948" Benny Morris, gives the true Full Historic Truth--blow by blow- what happened and why---political concerns etc (of both sides--or many sides)

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